September 22, 2013

Halloween Spooky Swap Contest

Enter If You Dare....

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1) William Henry Pratt is the real name of this famous actor who is best known as Frankenstein?

2) Freddy Kruger is the slicer-dicer on "Nightmare on Elm Street" played by Robert Englund.  Can you tell me the exact street number? We wouldn't want him going to the wrong address now would we? ;)

3) What silent screen star is known as "The Man of a Thousand Faces" because he played so many different monsters?

4) Robert Lewis Stevenson is famous for writing what novel, which is said to represent both the good and evil sides in humanity?

5) Sabrina, The Teenage Witch debuted in 1962 as a cartoon spin-off of what popular teenage trio?

6) This monster is also known as Metch-Kangmi and is suppose to walk and haunt the peaks of the Himalayas. What is it?

7) Frankenstein is based on a novel written in 1818 by a woman who did it as a bet in a writing contest. True or False?

8) What country did Halloween come from?

What Catholic church holiday officially began Halloween?10) In the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, who writes a letter to the pumpkin?

Tell me your favorite thing about Halloween.


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