May 15, 2011

Please Try Again Later.

Oh NYX, how you disappoint me.

I anticipated the sale all week, even worried I might miss out because of work. Well somehow I got off work early (not by my doing!) and in just enough time to make the 2 pm sale. I sat here with my trigger finger yet, ready to be "Judy Fast Fingers" and snatch up all the hot items for $1.20. 
Instead of having a heart attack trying to get everything, I was disappointed.  I got the black screen of death and then soon after a "The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Now 2.5 hours has passed and I have yet to see the actual sale. I am almost convinced waiting for this sale is a waste of time; After all, time is money and I could have spent less time on another website to get the same thing even though it cost more.
NYX, this was poor planning on your part. You guys have 50k+ "fans" on your Facebook page not including those that don't even have Facebook. You knew that once 12 pm pst hit, there was going to be madness. Y'all should have prepared your servers better and had of been prepared for any technical issues. 

And how you guys plan on "making it up"? Your extending the sale. Big Fucking Deal. If there is nothing to buy than it doesn't matter how long the sale takes place. With stuff at $1.20, everything will be gone in a matter of minutes. 

I'm not bitching because I want free stuff or even free shipping, I'm grateful for the sale, but maybe you could make sure there are a fair amount of items to go around. I know you guys have the inventory.

"Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance"
(I couldn't help myself, I am a military wife after all.) 

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