November 1, 2012

Coterie, a beauty website review.

*image belongs to Coterie website owner*

I ran across Coterie from a fellow blogger, Wheel "n" Deal Mama. At the time of sign up, they were offering a special; for every 6 friends you referred, you received $20. and for each friend that made their first purchase, you both received $20. This "special" has now changed, for every 10 friends you refer you receive $10 and for every first purchase, $10. 

They had a promo code posted for use, it was good for $20 off your purchase. I decided to purchase a butter London polish and use my promo code. My order was free and that excited me, who doesn't get excited over free polish? Well low and behold, Coterie emailed each person and cancelled everybody's orders. The code was only good for a perfume they posted but failed to disclose this. They went on further to blame bloggers for posting the code and misconstruing the guidelines. Here is a blurb from the email I received: 

Dear Coterie members, 
It came to our attention yesterday that certain websites were misrepresenting the promotional code DEMETERVIP, a code created specifically for the product Noteworthy eau de toilette, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many of these unaffiliated websites informed people that they could receive our prestige beauty products for free - a message that was not approved by or supported by Coterie. Coterie is happy to honor use of the promotional code towards those who purchased Noteworthy eau de toilette by Demeter Fragrances, however we cannot extend use of this code towards any other products. 
Please note, Coterie is extremely excited to offer you its very generous social rewards program. Please go to to share with your friends to receive rewards towards your next purchase. The more you share, the more you are rewarded!  
Should you have any additional questions about the order you placed, please call 1-855-concierge or email us at 
The Coterie Team 

Coterie received a heavy out lash on their Facebook page after sending out that email. They quickly changed their tune and took responsibility. 

" We take full responsibility for the issue and that the promo code intended specifically for Noteworthy was used in other ways. We have tried very hard to provide a extremely generous social rewards program which will help you receive our products at a great value. We apologize for this error. Should you or anyone have further questions, please call us directly." -Taken directly from their page.

The way the issue was handled was not pleasing to me nor others. When a company messes up, they should take full responsibility and make a public apology. They should have sent a retraction email to follow up; as not everyone who purchases through their website is a Facebook fan. While other companies have had disasters (...NYX anyone...?) and have not handled it well either, they have a strong fan base and "cult" following unlike Coterie. Coterie was founded in 2012 and is still trying to build a reputable fan base. My advise to Coterie would be to take a few lessons in public relations. 

My verdict on this website is straddling the fence. Everyone makes mistakes, and they deserve a second chance. While I do not like how they handle themselves, I did make a purchase (which will be another post.)

Did you order from Coterie with the "illegal" code and have your order cancelled? What do you think about Coterie and their response to all this? 


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