October 7, 2013


I received my email last night with who my partner was for this year's Swapoween. I had been anticipating it ALL day but the hostesses sure know how to keep someone anxious! 

Before I reveal my swap partner I would like to introduce you to....

You can visit Beth's blog here.         You can visit Angie's blog here.

These two lovely ladies are the ones hosting Swapoween! They are also overseeing the swaps and making sure everyone is doing their part. I recommend reading their blogs and following them. Each offers a variety of posts and I have loved reading each of their blogs so far. 

Now onto my swap partner....

Her name is Chloe and she is a fellow blogger. Her blog can be read here. She posts on a regular basis and has theme days between music and woman crush Wednesdays! 

She and I are a perfect swap match, we both love cupcakes and pumpkin. I already have a few ideas as to what I want to get her. She is also in her early 20's like I am so we have similar tastes! OH, get this, she loves country music. I am in Alabama so this should be a no brainer for me ;) 

Even if you aren't a participant in Swapoween, you can still check out this Pinterest board for some great ideas! The cutest thing I have ever seen are the leaf pillows made from placemats. They might be a bit difficult to ship but still cute! 

This photo came from Home is Where My Story Begins.

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  1. Yay! We're so glad you're having fun with it, and that you and Chloe have so much in common. :D
    Thanks for the kind words!