November 15, 2013

Diamond Candles, a gift guide and review.

Want the perfect gift for a candle lover? Or maybe a hostess gift? I have the perfect product to satisfy those needs and more. 

photo credit: Diamond Candles

Most people have seen a candle claiming to have jewelry or cash inside. Those all came after the original Diamond Candles

Each Diamond Candle has 21 ounces of soy wax and the jars are 6.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. Every candle has a ring tucked inside, placed in a plastic bag and wrapped in gold foil. The rings vary in value from $10 to $5,000. The average candle will burn for over 140 hours but only take around 10 to get to your ring! If you're not patient enough to wait those 10 hours, people have been known to dig the ring out with a spoon or butter knife. *ahem*me*ahem*

Want your own Diamond Candle? Go here to order. If it's your first order, you can use BX$5OFF to take off $5 from your candle and free shipping! 

I have bought several of these candles over the years and none of them were any less than perfect. The scents are strong and fill the room. The candles burn clean and the wick doesn't "popcorn" (if you trim it properly!) 

I apologize in advance for not having pictures of my candles. I promise to do a review of my holiday candle when it's received! 

My favorite candle by far was the "Pecan Pie" candle but I have yet to see it make an appearance this year. My year-round candle scent would have to be "Watermelon." It smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher and the scent lasts forever. If an employee of DC is reading this, please bring back Pecan Pie this year! 

As you can see, I have placed 3 orders this month! Two of the candles are gifts and one of them is mine. I couldn't resist buying myself one knowing how well these candles burn. 

For the seasonal winter scents, DC offers several scents. One of them is sure to be a good match for you! You can view all the seasonal scents here.

photo credit: Diamond Candles

Maybe you aren't looking for Christmas-y scents but a gift for a special day. Diamond Candles has you covered. They offer a variety of special day candles such as "It's a Girl" or "Birthday Cake." You can view all of the "Life Moments" candles here. 

Don't forget to use BX$5OFF when you order from Diamond Candles

This post may contain affliate links. The above products were purchased by me and not provided in exchange for review. 

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