November 8, 2013

Get Holiday Shopping Done Early!

Need a head start on your holiday shopping? Come get a free $10 gift card to use at Macy's. 

Macy's received an overwhelming response and has cancelled the offer. I'm sorry guys! 

The gift card must be used online at Macy's Website. 

The steps to getting the $10 gift card are relatively easy and takes about 2 minutes. If you have any problems getting it, please comment below so that I may help. 

1) Download the Macy's Star Gifts app. 
(This is a free app that can be found on iTunes or Google Play.)
2) Launch the Macy's app.
3) You will need to select "Get Started" on the app home page.
4) On your computer, open the page Best Brands Catalog
(With your app open, scan the second page in the catalog. 
This should bring up a small red gift box on your screen.)
5) Click the small red gift box. 
(A video of Clinton Kelly will start playing for < 1 minute) 
6) After the video is over, a page will appear and
 it will have the text "Get Your $10 Digital Gift Card Code Now"
7) Click that link and fill out the form. In about 30 seconds, you will receive a text message with your code.

Offer ends November 17, 2013 and the $10 expires December 17, 2013.

This is the Macy's Star Gifts app homepage. 
This is the page you will see after watching the video. 

This is the page you will scan for your "Star Gifting" advice (the video.)

*You may be opted in to text messages from Macy's, you may reply STOP to the text messages at any time you want. You may also delete the Macy's app once you get your code. I recommend keeping it for your Christmas shopping.*

I am not sponsored or endorsed by Macy's Inc. I posted this for my readers to get a good deal. The only thing I have received from this post is my free gift card. The same one you will receive should you choose to. 

Did you get the deal? Let me know in the comments! What are you buying with your $10? I heard there is a $10 off $25 sale coming up soon and right now an extra 25% off clearance. 


  1. Thanks so much, just got mine. Not sure what I am using my 10 for yet:)

    1. You are very welcome Donna! I hope you get something nice. I'm undecided on when I want to use mine.

  2. Thanks so much, just got mine. Not sure what I am using my 10 for yet:)