October 26, 2013

Philly Loves Lacquer Review

Ever wondered what other great things Philadelphia has? Yes, you say? Well I bring you Philly Loves Lacquer. 

Philly Love's Lacquer is cruelty and 4-free. The really great thing about PLL is that Esther, the owner, donates $1 of every bottle sold to a local non profit organization "Forgotten Cats." Even if you aren't a cat lover, you will feel good about helping out a living breathing thing.

I purchased a few polishes from PLL's All Holo's Eve collection. These retail for $12 each and are only available for a limited time. She *might* have one more restock this month before they are locked away forever. 

I bought Eastern State, Byberry, Botched Eastern State, and Botched Byberry. What's that you say? Botched? It means that when she was mixing up the colors to fill bottles, she had a "one off." The color was slightly off from the actual color but nothing is wrong otherwise.

I fell in love with these colors the minute I saw them. In fact, I had to paint my nails with Byberry right away. I will have another post with swatches of Eastern State and the botched colors. So you'll have to drool over just Byberry for the time being.

Esther takes care to package her polishes with love and care. Each polish comes bubble wrapped tucked into a cardboard box. The outside of the box is marked ORM-D which makes it legal to ship. Most lacquer companies skip this step because it makes the polishes have to ship ground and that means more money. She includes your invoice, business card, and care instructions. Everything about her brand is cohesive; from the paper shreds to the heart on the labels.

Each bottle comes with a professional label. The label shows the size (.5 fl oz) and the shelf life (24 months.) She also notes the donation to Forgotten Cats. I love the labels because of their clean look. The name labels (not pictured, sorry) are typed and placed on the bottom with either a round or rectangular sticker.

L-R: Eastern State, Byberry

L-R: Botched Eastern State, Botched Byberry

As you can see from the photos, Eastern State (left)  is slightly lighter than the botched version (right.) I actually bought these together so I could use the botched ES as an accent color. I promise to have swatches soon in a consecutive post.

Byberry (left) is a deeper pink/purple than the botched Byberry (right.) The botched Byberry is a perfect compliment color though and is buildable. The botched version goes on pretty sheer but additional coats makes it opaque. I will have swatches of it in a consecutive post along with Eastern State.

This is one coat of Byberry.

This is two coats of Byberry.

Byberry in sunlight, no flash, and no topcoat.

Byberry with flash, no topcoat.

I truly love the formula of this polish. I have had this on all day and no chips yet. No chips is amazing for me since I am so rough on my hands. I have washed dishes, cooked dinner, cleaned house and had a rough housing boxer chewing on my nails. 

I will be buying more PLL and recommend this company to all my readers. You can't go wrong with these polishes and the owner is terrific as well.

You can buy Philly Loves Lacquers on Etsy here: Philly Loves Lacquer
You can also catch PLL on Facebook here: Philly Loves Lacquer's Facebook

P.S. She will be having a giveaway soon in which I am sponsoring a prize for so you need to go like her Facebook page to stay up to date on that! 

The polishes shown in this review were purchased by me and all opinions are my own. I am in no way endorsed by Philly Love Lacquer or receiving payment. 

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